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   The idea of RRC all started in the summer of 2003. A simple conversation between two best friends with a dream that one day they could start a business together. The question was what type of business?
   Gilbert’s background has always been in construction. With a family owned tile construction company from his father, he has always been around it growing up. Later working as a superintendent for a local builder in Midland and working as a City Official in the Housing Department for the City of Midland and the City of Austin, he gained most of his field and administrative experience in those fields before he started Rendon Homes in 2004 back in Midland, Texas.
    Michael’s background is in Architectural design. His experience was gained working with Parkhill Smith and Cooper, a local Architectural Firm in Midland, Texas. Later he moved to Austin, Texas to work with a Texas Developer doing Housing Developments on the East side of Austin. He gained enough experience to start his own Home Building business, Monterra Homes in Austin, Texas.
Well with Michael’s previous knowledge of the Commercial industry, Commercial Construction was destined to be what Gilbert and Michael would pursue. In September of 2009 Rendon Ramirez Corporation “RRC” was commenced.


Our specialty is commercial construction management containing building types of retail, restaurant, office, doctors’ offices, industrial office warehouse and large warehouse buildings.  We have some of the fastest construction times without sacrificing quality.  RRC can find ways to speed up the process of construction with long lead items without extending time frames.  Our knowledge of construction paired with our contracts enables us to finish faster with a better-quality product than most.

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